In your opinion, which survivor has the best design?

In your opinion, which survivor has the best design?


All of bandit's abilities mesh really well together, and are extremely fun to combo in different ways, the backstab mechanic pairs with every single ability in his kit, Lights Out is fun to chain together with other abilities, and smoke bomb can be used as an impromptu double jump. 10/10 Design.


Loader. Become spider man




Huntress with alt skills, it all flows so fucking nicely and the ballstae can proc the bands which is the only thing that's keeping her above alt skill commando for me (I'm clumsy with the grenades)


The thing about grenades is they arent on a timer. If you throw them at the ground, they'll explode after a short timer, but if you throw them in the air they dont explode until they hit something, and then go through their short timer which, to me, is what makes them so bad besides the damage dropoff for being near the edge of the detonation. Imean come on, artificer's base m2 is a 14m explosion of up to 2000% and it has NO DAMAGE DROPOFF.


Try as I might I still can’t comfortably use triple blink over the normal one. The verticality it brings, especially on the earlier stages if I’m unlucky with movement items, is too much to pass up.


I was actually the opposite, it was so freaking weird to me that you teleported where you faced instead of where you were going so bad that I couldn't ever get the hang of it, but the verticality is really fucking good


Mercenary by far, getting a melee character right is difficult already but they nailed his abilities and his playstyle can be some of the most fun in this game


Im a big fan of the "primal" vibe so I'd have to go with acrid. I love the subtle design of the chains and foaming at the mouth to indicate that it's thirsty for revenge


Captain in his alternate skin is best, no competition.


Drip for days


REX for the sustainability, I’ve dropped to 18 hp on monsoon and been back up to \~300 in 5 seconds, only using abilities. Mercenary because all the abilities pair very well together and have multiple uses.


I think they meant asthetics, not gameplay or power


Oh, still Merc then for his alternate skin. Got to love the samurai look!


Yeah I can see that


Very much REX! You can't get much better than a cyborg vampiric potted plant packing heavy artillery. And just look at those details! Marvelous! I also like the sprint animation, most just run or something boring like that, REX claws it's way through the ground with it's vines faster than most people can run. I also like the backstory


First off I’m gonna start by saying this is from the bias of a humanoids artist who does not handle drawing firearms or scifi armor well: I like Artificers design most, it fits in my opinion since it has a kind of mystical aesthetic to it. Plus she’d just be the easiest for me personally to draw. I also quite like Bandit though, the coat and hat make him stand out to me




Bandit boi


Personally I think mul-t has the best design since he can take damage easily and dish it out aswell, plus his alternate skin has a hat.


Power mode go brrrrr


I like artificers design




Top 3. Captain aside from his secondary, but if it gets fixed it'd be extremely viable. His primary is great for overall damage, and has some great range when fully charged. Utility does great damage, and gets 3 shots per charge. Specials are kinda dependant on the player, but I run healing and stun just to have an emergency heal zone waiting to drop. His healing beacon isnt bad either at 10% of max health per second. I kinda wish he had another primary or secondary, but he's still my most played character. Bandit has a great kit and look, but I feel like his abilities are a bit busted at times, especially his utility. Damage, stun, invisibility, and a chance to get a free crit if you move to attack from behind. Passively getting crits when attacking from behind is a huge advantage too, or reseting cooldowns with Lights Out. I'm trying to unlock his Sadist challenge secondary, but his default one I mostly use more for enemies that suddenly get close like imps. Desperado is incredibly powerful due to the stacking damage for each kill made with it. Commando is honestly a lot of fun. Increase his fire rate and add in some items to proc damage or debuffs for more survivability than you'd expect. His secondary that pierces enemies, and now gains damage for each one it does, has been more useful for clearing a path through crowded areas. The shotgun blast secondary I kinda love pairing with focus crystals just to blitz enemies for fun. Im not a fan of his frag grenade, but the rapid fire has started more proc chains for me than almost any other character (except Engineer).


I dunno if you meant visual design or gameplay design, so I'll do both. Visually, it's gotta be Captain. He just looks rad, and has this authoritative, veteran aura about him. Gameplay, I'd have to say Loader. Her abilities complement each other perfectly, and zooming around at the speed of light is a lot of fun.


Both of them :) They both count as "design"


Rex, specifically in his alt skin.


Including Mastery skins: My Top 5 (with no specific order): Engineer: EOD Tech. Massive improvement to Engi’s normal look, the face covering makes him feel a lot cooler, he gets a more incognito color scheme, his TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret looks awesome, he looks awesome, just a cool skin. Commando: Hornet. Another massive improvement to this character’s normal look, makes him look like some high-tech soldier instead of a prison inmate wearing a fishbowl on their head. Another more incognito color scheme, love those. Bandit: Chilly. The normal skin of this character does look quite nice, and apart from the fact this skin makes Bandit look more like a pug, I like it, it’s a cool change, a slightly downgraded color scheme but still a decent one, and a different rifle; a removed stock and a different barrel. A very nice skin for Bandit. Mercenary: Oni. A very nice Japanese Samurai styled skin for Mercenary which changes his look from a blindfolded bald man to a Japanese demon. Better color scheme in my opinion, solid skin. Bandit: Default. The Default Bandit skin is, in my opinion, a little bit worse than the Chilly Bandit skin, although the blue hat and glowing eye are some very cool features, and it’s a bit brighter than Chilly, so it can actually be seen


Miner. Gameplay-wise I never used to like him but he grew on me. The dashes can chain really well with To the Stars in a way that makes it feel like you aren’t using your abilities too heavily while also making them integral to the process. Visually, it’s badass that a guy in a rocket powered suit is fighting his way through an alien planet using only pickaxes. His silhouette is recognizable simply because of the stockiness and picks. It’s honestly a shame he hasn’t been added to 2 yet. Still waiting on my dashy boy.


Loader for sure. Built for perfection, no bad runs with loader


Honestly, I just really like Captain's kit because he has weird but fun mechanics that I haven't seen played to death in other games. (And also because Diablo strikes are very satisfying) Aesthetically though, alt bandit skin every single day.


I pretend that his primary is 'agile', I press sprint right after I attack, blends well till I don't need to use it anymore


Rex need some love too


Loaser. If Saitama and Spider Man combined into one character.


Yo momma..... Because she made you =)


If you mean visual design, uhhh... hmm... Either Captain or Mercenary. If you mean the actual gameplay design, Mercenary or Bandit. No, Mercenary isn't my favourite survivor. He's my second favourite. My favourite is Mul-T just cause of how stupidly fun Power Mode double nailgun/powersaw is. But Mercenary has the most overall going for him imo.