I just want to cut my hair

I just want to cut my hair


I just recently got mine cut much shorter! (Waist length to bob length) Other people can suck it, it’s not their hair, it’s yours! Get it cut, take a million cute selfies, learn to style it how you like.


Reading all the comments on this post makes me want to cry happy tears. You're all so loving and supportive. You're right. I'm going to feel cute because I'm going to feel comfortable. In a month no one will even remember me with long hair.


I cut mine from past shoulder length to short and spiky with shaved sides and coloured hot pink. You'll love it, I promise!


Hair grows back. Don’t let them get to you, do what you want.


I have just trimmed my hair to a few mm in length! It's liberating. > "Men don't like girls with short hair." Fuck! That! Shit! You are not just on this planet to appeal to men! You are your own person. If your father wants long hair he can grow it the eff out or grow the eff up!


I assure you, they will get over it.


My fiancée has long hair and I love it, it's beautiful. I've realised hair is one of the main things I find attractive even. She told me just the other day she was considering cutting it shorter because she finds it annoying to have to spend so much time maintaining it (she's got very thick hair), it gets in her face, it's warm. I told her do it! It's your hair, your choice. Excuse the language but if someone has a problem with it, fuck 'em. It's your damn hair.


If the only reason to keep it long is because HE likes it better that way, chop it off Queen.


I cut mine off all the time. Not extremely short, but above the shoulders. I do it for the same reason as you. It makes me feel confident, and sharp ! Long hair irritates me a lot, and although I had it for a long time and thought it looked nice, it was always in a ponytail. No one treated me poorly after I cut it. You might feel shocked when you do it but it sounds like you’ll embrace it. The right people won’t change how they treat you.


You don't need justification. But if you want it, and if your hair is really long, donate it. This gives you a free pass to guilt trip them in a way they understand since apparently they don't get that it's *your* hair and they should be ashamed. Example; girls are meant to have long hair! "Yeah and mine was bugging me so I gave it to a 5 year old girl with cancer who is bald from chemo; my hair will grow back"


If you want short hair, get short hair. They have no right to decide what hair cut you can have and bothering you about it is an AHmove.


Your hair, your body, your life, your choice. It's hair. You're not doing something illegal. Look into why your family's opinions are crushing you this much. You shouldn't be this broken down about it


OP might have Asian Parents. This is very similar to my own family being controlling about my life and my hair.


Hispanic are like this too, I was always told to never to cut my long hair as a child and teen. Now I never have my hair longer than shoulder length, and I can rock a pixie.


Your head, your hair, your decision. They are being weird.


I hate long hair and mine grows in thick. I've let it grow down to my butt a few times, but the constant ponytails (I also hate hair in my face and ears) was giving me too many headaches. Now I keep it buzzed to like a quarter inch. I'll let it grow until it annoys me and then buzz it again. IDGAF what anyone else thinks, it's my hair & my comfort not theirs. Be you!!


My older teen cuts her own hair, I mean, sometimes it's not the haircut I'd like her to have but it's just hair, it's grows back..... Defo get it cut, don't live by others expectations of what you should be. Do you, it'll look great.


One of my friends is married to a woman who always shaves her head completely bald Try not to let their sexism get you down, they're being idiots


Wow. You family has issues. It’s just hair.


I had thick untamable hair down to my butt in teens to my early 20’s . Same family as yours, and same comments. Then I went to Afghanistan and had to wash my hair with basically bleach water. When I got back I told my SO that he had to brush it for me to keep it long. He grabbed the car keys and took me to a jc penny hair salon. I’ve never gone long again! That was 14ish years ago. I recently saw my stepdad again, and he made the comment “your wasting that hair cutting it short” I laughed so loud. Now seeing your post, and my hair is long enough to put up in a sorta ponytail I’m going to get it cut even shorter than normal. Do you boo boo and it will be okay.


My husband tried pulling the “but I like your hair long!” Thing and I was like yea but I don’t. He doesn’t have to deal with it. So he doesn’t get a say. Now I have short hair and it’s the best. I wish I had done it sooner. It’s been over a year and i will probably never have long hair again.




My parents used to say the same thing to me. I had really long blonde hair. Straight as hell and lanky. It looked bad imo. Then I said fuck it. Cut and dyed. Now my hair is always some random color and short and I actually love it. If YOU don’t love your own hair, you need to change it so you do. It’s yours, not theirs. Your not a painting on the wall to be gawked at. You need to love your hair as well.


I shaved my head in April. My hair was the longest it had ever been and I shaved it all off. My husband hates it, and I don't give a crap - I keep shaving it out of spite now. It's just hair. They will get over it. Or they won't. Eitherway, do what makes you happy and screw the rest.


Sorry if this is an unpopular opinion in this group, but I can't really get behind shaving your head out of spite. If you really love it, keep doing it! Regardless of what your husband thinks. But don't do it solely because he hates it. That's not much of a marriage, imo.


I didn't orginally do it out of spite, I did it because I wanted to and it made me happy. What doesn't make me happy is his repetitive, unsolicited opinion about how short hair is unattractive on women. So yeah, I feel a little spiteful, and maybe it's "not much of a marriage" but that my problem to deal with.


I cut my hair short despite my family's nagging and have never regretted it. At first I got a lot of negative responses to my short hair (the typical "you look like a boy"), but the short hair felt so amazing and made me feel much more comfortable in my skin. Don't worry about looking boyish, firstly it depends strongly on the clothes you wear if you look more feminine ore masculine and there's nothing wrong with looking androgenous. Your family will get used to your short hair and you'll get used to the "won't you let your hair grow out again" every now and then. So cut your damned hair however you want. It seems like a really big step/decision right now, but chances are you'll be super glad you did it


Just do it.


You only have this one life that we know of. Do something for yourself! I'm definitely older than you... And I wish I had not spent my life trying to please others. Take it from me... It's a fool's errand... I want you to be able to get your haircut, go home, look at yourself in the mirror, and feel good about the reflection you see! Take care, and warm wishes!


I shaved my head pretty much everyone had more or less negative reaction and then got over it. But you'll need to push through jokes and weird questions... "oh but don't you regret it" you the decision you planned for a few months now. It is much worthwhile to be/feel like yourself, it then gives courage to push through


I'm sorry for the anxiety you feel, but know that tomorrow after your haircut you'll feel great.


Tell them if they keep at it you will pull a Britney and shave it, think door in the face method. Hair grows back, its not a big deal. enjoy the pixie or bob or whatever you are feeling and if you miss the hair it will come back. But if you want to shave it by all means rock that shit.


There comes a point where you’re tired of it getting stuck in the seatbelt. Shutting your hair in car doors. My personal favorite not being able to see on a windy day. No matter how many times you flick it out of the way. Do it! Cut it all off, and if you can donate it!


I also dislike the removing of long strands from buttocks in the shower. Every damn time and I brush my hair before washing.


Tell them to kiss your ash. I used to have long hair, everyone loved that I had long hair. Then I chopped everything off, have left just the top long, everything else is buzzed down to a 2. People complained and I told them to live with it, it's what I wanted. I get compliments on my (lack of) hair. So do what you want, queen :) chop it off, buzz it down, whatever you feel like! IT'S YOUR HAIR.


I feel ya. I also get my hair cut once a year right before the holidays in November. However the November before the pandemic I had pneumonia and I had to cancel the appointment. No big deal, I’ll get around to it but I don’t and then the pandemic hits. I can’t risk a haircut because myself and family are seriously immune compromised so it just gets longer because I haven’t had a haircut now since November of 2018. I normally wear my hair in a bun but it’s getting so heavy that the bun keeps falling down, I switch to ponytails, then braids, it’s causing headaches...it even gets so long that one day I go to get in the shower when I feel something graze the top of my butt, nearly gives me a heart attack before I realize I just need a haircut! I’m miserable, I’m complaining but what does everyone else have to say? It’s so beautiful long, you need to keep it!!! You look so good, don’t get it cut! Oh keep the ponytail, it’s so cute! Braids! OMG why don’t you do this all the time! Have I not been complaining out loud for the last year and a half?!?!?! I just want to go about my day without feeling like a spider as gone down the back of shirt or be confident that there is no ghost playing grab ass in the bathroom. I want to go a day without a headache but I’m supposed to sideline that so I can be more attractive? ... and to whom might I add because with the rate of vaccinations in my area I’m never going to get to leave the house again, much less be able to get a haircut from a masked and vaxxed stylist. I just want to cut my hair 😭


I have cystic fibrosis. You just described my exact situation. My hair schedule, my family. How heavy buns feel. All of it lol. I hope you're able to get vaccinated soon but if not honestly, cut it yourself and be comfortable. It won't look that bad and we barely leave the house as it is. Another one I hate is getting dressed after a shower and my hair making my shirt cold and wet.


Oh I’m vaccinated but the immunologist still has me taking precautions because vaccinations are so low and people are not masking or masking correctly. I also hate the wet shirt. I’ve taken to showering right before bed to avoid it. Now I put a second towel over my pillow and pile it up, it’s gotten so ridiculous, lol. It makes extra laundry but I’ve got the time.


You could try this: section your hair into 2-4 ponytails (or more if your hair is really thick.) Add a few extra bands along each one to divide it into sections. Adjust them until they are pretty even. Pick the bands closest to the length you want and cut just above or below the band. Voila! It won’t be as perfectly even as a salon cut, but you won’t notice if you wear it in buns or braids most of the time anyway.


Great suggestion, thank you. That’s what they used to do when I donated my hair, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. It’s not like it’s even anymore anyway, lol.


Do what you want, it's your life, your body, your choice. Trust, their is always someone who is going to love you no matter your hair length. These people don't realize there's 7 billion people out there with all kinds of variables. People will always have an opinion, will critique, and most don't have any idea how they can affect others.


What will make YOU feel better?


Ughhhh my family said/did all the same. Makes you feel ashamed and stunted. I'm 34 and only just newly feeling like I can be myself without masking who I truly am. Fuck them and their unsolicited opinion on YOUR LOOKS. 🖕 Nobody will give you an instruction manual to life, but they will surely lead you astray with their opinions and biases. You do what makes you happy. No matter what that is. It will be beautiful. You will be happy. Win-win. Love, Light and Strength 🧡💛💚💙💜


I started cutting my own hair a few years back and after the first picture I posted with my new hair, a guy I spent a weekend with the year before messaged me to tell me he thought girls with short hair were ugly-then he had a friend message me separately telling me that he agreed, girls with short hair are ugly. More recently, my ex wanted me to grow my hair out and for a months that I gave into this, I was absolutely miserable-always wearing my hair in ponytails and I hate wearing my hair up but it was the only way that I liked it. After we broke up, I cut it again about a week later. I am so sorry you have people in your life that feel like they should have control over your appearance. You deserve to be happy and have ownership of your body. You are worth more that what these assholes think of your looks. My advice? Cut you hair and cut the ties. You do not deserve to have people in your life that would put priority on something as STUPID as their personal preference over your happiness. Take a deep breath and go for it:) Ps. Trust me, there are plenty of people out there who are attracted to short haired girls;) JUST BE YOU!!


I've felt the same way too, I thought short hair made me unattractive and boyish (spoiler, I looked SO CUTE) Cutting off my hair made me realize it isn't my job to look appealing to men, that I should feel happy and comfortable in my body.


How long is your hair? If you care to donate it, there are some places that will love to use it for good causes like children cancer patients. I love my wife's long hair, but even I couldn't come up with any good arguments when my wife wanted to donate. She couldn't have been happier with that decision. She's growing it out to be able to donate again.




I just did it. You gotta do it. You have no idea how good I feel. Do it for you. You deserve it. Hair grows.


You are going to look AMAZING. You are going to feel light and free and you are going to exude confidence because you did this for your comfort, for a fresh start. Chop off the past 2 years. Doooo it! Your family will adapt and get over it. People panic at change. I’m reaching the point of chopping too, I never wear it down because it’s too hot, so what’s the point!


I cut my hair off (so it was above my ears) and got a nose piercing all in about a month. My dad was so against it, but he literally has no bearing on what I do or don't do with my body. He also projects his own insecurities so even more reason to just let him talk but not put any weight into his stupid words about me.


I have experienced the same feeling myself. Knowing that it's your body and that their opinions doesn't matter don't mean a lot when years of conditioning is still a fresh in the back of your mind. I have always had long black hair with shiny brown highlights and was always complimented on it. But when I wanted to cut it when I grew up so that it would be manageable there were a million reasons people gave me about why I shouldn't do it. Everyone were going on about how lucky I was to have such healthy hair and said that I was being ungrateful. It made me lose confidence and keep my long hair. Recently I once again built up the confidence to cut it and this time I'm not backing down. I hope you won't too 😊


Came here to say it’s your life and you should do what you want. Don’t let others tell you what to do.


The nice thing about hair is, it'll grow out again if YOU decide YOU don't like it. Speaking as a dad who loved his daughter's long hair, when she cut it off because she wanted to, I was sad to see it go, but she looked so cute, I wasn't mad. I never told her no. I'd be hypocritical if I had, being an old new waver, I had done much worse and my folks got over it. Yours will, too.


Yeah, plenty of people you didn’t even realized cared will have an opinion on what you do to your own hair. It sucks, I wish I could say it didn’t but it isn’t fun. My parents, my relatives, men I didn’t even know very well, strangers, all made a point to tell me I was more attractive existing the way they preferred. Except, none of them cared enough to pay attention to me. I’d hated my waist length long hair for 5+ years, it made me uncomfortable and I wouldn’t look into a mirror for months at a time to avoid it. Everyone who had opinions didn’t care enough to realize that the everything about my confidence and the way I carry myself has completely changed. I’m happier, I’m more confident, I’m less anxious, all because I feel like the way I exist in the world matches the way I wanted to be. That is worth all the haters and negative comments. It’s so worth it. I’m never going back. The first time I looked in a mirror and recognized the person staring back was unreal, and then finding that person attractive?? I cried. Just live your own life on your own terms. It can be life changing.


I shaved my hair off at 11pm on a Monday night. It’s something I had always wanted to do, so I did it. My hair was long, curly, healthy, and beautiful but I still did what I wanted. I knew I was gonna look like my brother with a shaved head, and to no surprise, I do lol. It’s all my mom said to me when I first shaved it. But I ended up getting an overwhelmingly positive response from my family, my coworkers, and even strangers. I’ve always had long hair, so having hair that’s only 1 inch long is certainly a big change. It took my mom a while to get used to it, and she actually cried (not happy tears) when I first showed her what I had done to my hair. In fact, my mom was highly against me shaving my head, but I did it anyway because it’s what i wanted. I donated all my hair so hopefully it makes a child with hair loss happy. I love my short hair, and I don’t regret it for one second. I’m so so so glad I decided to push away the negative thoughts and stopped worrying what others would think. If you wanna cut your hair short, DO IT. It’s your hair, and it will grow back.


Get it done! I cut my hair super short and love it. My boyfriend thought he loved my long hair, but he thinks the short hair is sexier. He wants me to maintain the length that it is. CUT YOUR HAIR. IT GROWS BACK. YOU WILL ROCK THE SHORT HAIR.


Its hair not a lifetimes commitment. You wanted it long, short, black, white, curly, straight, any colour of the rainbow. It grows back and you get to haven some fun with it.


I shaved mine in last august because I wanted to fight lice on one fewer heads of hair. It’s 4.5” long now and I can’t wait for it to grow long again. I loved the shaved look for a bit though. Edit to add; my hubby who said he was going to miss my long hair told me he loved the shaved look.


If you want to get it cut, get it cut, definitely. I used to have annoying long hair that wasn't healthy, and then I got it cut shoulder length. These days I have it cut very short - pixie-style. I hate the feeling of hair laying on the back of my neck. During COVID I got some clippers and thinning shears and hair scissors and watched a bunch of videos and cleaned up my own hair back to what the hairdresser had done (relatively - maybe not as nice, but passable!). Now I feel comfortable taking scissors to my own hair, and it's pretty darn liberating. It's hair and it will grow back if you don't like it!


Cut your hair. Look fabulous.


I’ve had long hair for the vast majority of my life and I am old. Males have always told me not to cut my hair. Hairdressers shrink at the prospect of drastic change like I’m going to haunt their salon for eternity. When I was 20ish and I cut it, I had older males question my sanity. One of the guys at work never spoke to me again. My vision of a rest room tryst followed by the birth of our sweet bald drug store chain baby evaporated. But man oh man I was comfortable. Never did it again but I fantasize. Every time it’s hot and my hair is caught in my armpit, windy and it’s caught in the car door, every time intimacy led my partner to defy consent. I fantasize. NO, I didn’t say you could toss me around with 90% of my hair stuck under your body. All those winters standing at the bus top with literally frozen hair. Guess what, Ma; I do have an arthritic neck, pure coincidence though. By lunchtime my hair looked like someone rubbed a balloon on my head for an hour. Ah.... man oh man, i want my freak flag firmly in the no fly zone. Please do it, if not for yourself, for me. Good luck.


Short hair is cute. =) I'm glad you're taking that step, because it can be very empowering to do what you want despite other people's opinions. Everyone who is giving you grief right now will get used to your new look, and most importantly, you'll be more comfortable! If anyone keeps pestering you, just remind them that it's your hair and not their business. Besides - hair grows back. It's silly of your family to make such a fuss. IMO, they're being dramatic, and I'm sorry that they're making you feel bad.


Whatever partner who might really like you will not care how long or short your hair is and the rest don't matter. YDY


I'm a hairdresser. Cut your hair however you want. Self expression is the ultimate ownership of ourself.


Um..yea you should tell those people to get fucked, it's your hair, your choice. You can do whatever the hell you want with it. If "men" don't like it that's their problem, and tbh, most decent men don't even give a shit anyway. I used to have hair past my waist. Then I shaved it all off. All of it. It felt liberating and looked amazing. I would do it all over again. Do whatever makes YOU feel happy.


I shaved my head back in 2012, simply because I didn't feel like doing my hair every day. I don't regret it, even though I did get a lot of nasty comments. Hair is hair, it grows back, ignore every one and embrace the extra time every day not having a lot of hair gives you . If I wasn't chasing a certain aesthetic now I'd do it again.


Cut it and hand them the cut locks.


While I agree that you should be free to make this choice without caring what others think, I can say with certainty that there are men who like short hair on girls. Whoever said that none of us do has a very narrow definition of what a man can be.


Data point of one, but...I'm a dude who likes short hair on women. You don't have to cater to me or anything, I'm just saying your dad is incorrect that no men like short haired women. Do whatever makes you comfortable and happy, and I wish you well!




Men believing that their opinions, good or bad, should influence a woman's hairstyle is a perpetuation of the harm OP is discussing. No one reading your post gives a shit what you like.


i... alright. I didn't mean it to be taken this way. my opinion doesn't matter, I agree, and people should wear hair however they want. it was purely because I observed OP seemed distressed and felt bad about it and I wanted to try and help.


I think it's awesome that you realized "meant well" doesn't mean "did well". I think the only real long-term chance for change in the world is for us all to learn to self-reflect and see our behavior from the outside.