It’s crazy how Tserreidnich is just the cooler Meruem

It’s crazy how Tserreidnich is just the cooler Meruem


>Don’t be surprised if we end the arc having Tserreidnich laying on Melody’s lap. We're on this boat until we die.


Hey wake up! Boat? Dark Continent? What are you talking about? Let’s go raise money at the auction😃


Goodnight, Tserriednich. Muah


Idk if I'd go that far Tserreidnich still has ways to go before I compare him to Meruem. He seems spooky but hasn't had enough time to be that cool yet imo.


Next up: Terror faces off with Melody in a flute playing competition, only to realize she's unbeatable. On a srs, note I think about the similarities and difference between Terror and Neon alot more. Both Terror and Neon are specialists who subconsciously summoned a nen beast related to telling the future in different ways, although Neon did it without any Nen training what so ever. Both have an extreme fascination with collecting body parts as trophies and art(although this isn't directly related to Neon nessesarily, I always remember that painting in the Nostrade house where they hung up the previous bodyguard as [art](https://imgur.com/a/Ef8ceNP). Reminds me alot of Terror). Although I'd say Terror is def a step worse as he actively goes out of his way to make his *art* .


They have a very different upbringing, which is essential in both characters’ developments: - Meruem did have a sibling but he was not aware of her, and he had mommy issues so big he killed her despite her love. - Tserriednich has many siblings he wants to kill, and has daddy issues more than mommy issues (although he might end up killing them both? Who knows?). But i upvote for the vision of Tse on Melody’s lap.


There is one more thing that these two characters have in common, they are extremely well written :3


I'll take a guess, only valuing "worthy" people?


For example, Tserreidnich even a person who is worth something and useful considers to be toys in his hands, and when they get bored and stop being interesting, they have to be thrown out, Meruem was also like that until the meeting with Komuga but in the case of the Tserriednich, I suspect that he will be a refined and gallant psychopath to the end :3


>Don’t be surprised if we end the arc having Tserreidnich laying on Melody’s lap. I don't know if you're joking but i seriously thought about this idea a year ago. Because of the Sonata of darkness I'm predicting she will be important in the Tserriednich story and she might even get her real form back. And i doubt that togashi made him want to meet her for no reason. Maybe we'll reach a scenario where Melody gets her real form but Tser is the one that gets deformed? Maybe togashi liked the movie Shrek! :p